Actualité Guitares classiques

Greg SMALLMAN 1989

Year : 1989
Scale length : 650 mm
Sound board :  Red cedar top, with lattice bracing composed of balsa and carbon fiber
Back and sides : South American rosewood, arched
Neck : Spanish Cedar,  width at the nut: 52mm
Bridge: rosewood
Finger board: African Ebony
Overall length: 995 mm Body length: 482mm
Body width : upper bout 276 mm, waist 240 mm, lower bout 364 mm
Body depth : 100 mm
Condition : The neck and body are near mint condition while the topshows some very superficial playing wear, amazing for a 24 years old concert guitar
The construction of this guitar is impeccable and produces an instrument that is really quite loud and projects very well while maintaining tonal balance, fullness and warmth. Smallman guitars from the late 80’s and early 90’s are the most sought after.
Many top classical artists have used Smallman guitars, with John Williams one of the most famous
This particular instrument was made for concertist Julian Byzantine who used it on numerous concerts and records.

« What I find interesting and wonderful about Greg’s approach, is that he starts from admiring the traditional – not knocking it, but wanting to know if it’s possible to improve it in some way. He has quite clearly done that for me. Basically, he is making the guitar a more musical instrument. »
John Williams in 1993[1]
« Smallman’s significance to the development of the classical guitar worldwide places him on an evolutionary chart as successor to the heritage established by Torres and Fleta. »
—Ron K. Payne [2]
« I feel that the loudness of Greg’s guitars is a by-product of their musical qualities rather than an end in itself »